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When imagining your dream home theater system, you likely envision every element perfectly customized to align with your exact preferences. Vivitek provides CEDIA installation technicians with the crucial information they need to construct an exceptional home-theater system. We provide a suite of interactive tools and a repository of technical documents for an efficient installation. Our projectors feature the latest innovations in projection technology, making us a brand of choice for home-theater enthusiasts. For a value-oriented solutions, check out Vivitek’s consumer product line.
Technical Information
To support home technology professionals with the essential, required information, Vivitek provides a wealth of easily accessible CAD drawings and specification details for an exact installation.
Interactive Tools
As any CEDIA-certified technician will attest, developing customized home theater solutions requires careful calculation. Vivitek helps alleviate this with our interactive calculators.
Advanced Technology
Vivitek projectors come with cutting-edge technologies that enables video to come to life, including color wheels to meet RC709 color gamut specifications together with advanced controls to personalize your viewing experience. They may also be equipped with MEMC video processing for artifact free and smooth motion video. Vivitek also feature cool aesthetics for the ultimate installation at home.
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Advanced Projection Technology
From entry level setups to professional grade systems, Vivitek provides best-in-class cinema and home entertainment solutions. As a leading, worldwide manufacturer of laser, LED, and ultra-short throw technologies, Vivitek brings extensive display expertise to the home theater market. Featuring innovative software and hardware advancements including Gennum VXP™ video processing and all-glass lenses, Vivitek ensures spectacular video fidelity in all of our professional series projectors. In addition, Vivitek also employs advanced algorithms and tuned color wheels to achieve natural-looking video that exceeds the entertainment industry’s highest standards. For complex installations, Vivitek’s 2.35 widescreen electronic emulation eliminates the need for expensive additional lenses and provides a more detailed and exact image than an anamorphic lens. It’s these state-of-the-art features backed by Vivitek’s unrivaled customer support that earn the H9090 LED projector such positive reviews from leading industry experts.
Rely on Vivitek to provide complete solution with the technical know-how, providing valuable insights into all aspects of projection technology and integration. As a brand of Delta Electronics, we’re backed by years of experience in display technology. Our expertise are tailored to find the ideal solution for your home theater.
As intuitive to operate as they are powerful, Vivitek projectors feature streamlined, easy-to-navigate interfaces that make accessing any menu option as simple as a few button presses. Requiring no lengthy or complicated setup to get functional, Vivitek products open up projection to users of all technical skill levels.

2.35 Wide Screen Image Support

While 16:9 is widely accepted as the standard in modern display, the 2.35:1 CinemaScope format is essential for film enthusiasts seeking to flawlessly capture the cinematic experience in their home.
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  • DH3660Z
    • 4,500 Lumens
    • 1080p (1920 x 1080)
    • 16:9 format
    • 20,000 Hours Laser light source
    • Vertical Lens Shift
    • Electronic Corners correction
    • Electronic H & V correction
    • LAN and RS-232 Control

BYOD and New Demands for Group Collaboration

For years, Vivitek’s projector and collaborative display solutions have amplified productivity and team building across several industries. To view our comprehensive white paper analyzing the key benefits and applications of our various technologies, please click the button below.
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