Vivitek USA Warranties

Vivitek USA Corporation ("Vivitek") makes the following limited warranty to original end users of its projectors and Novo products (NovoConnect, NovoPRO and NovoDS) sold in the United States.

What is covered: Vivitek Corporation warrants its products to be free from defective materials and warrants the workmanship and agrees to correct any such defects during the stated warranty period providing that the projector or Novo product is used in accordance with the conditions stated in the User Manual and/or as stated below under “What is not covered”.Vivitek Corporation provides a Limited Warranty.

This limited warranty is valid only for Projectors or Novo products purchased and used in the United States.

How long coverage lasts:This limited warranty runs for the periods stated below on the projectors and Novo products and the installed projector lamp from the original date of purchase. AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF THE WARRANTY PERIOD, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR LABOR, PARTS, AND ALL SHIPPING COSTS ON ANY REPAIR SERVICES. Coverage is limited to first end user purchaser only and if product is re-sold or ownership transferred, the warranty will expire and revert to billable service

What Vivitek will do:Vivitek will repair any defect in, materials or workmanship in the projector or Novo products, or at its sole discretionwill replace the defective productwith a comparable or better brightness and resolution projector (lens throw ratio’s may differ). During the warranty period, Vivitek will supply new or refurbished replacement parts in exchange for defective part and/or will repair the defective Projector or Novo without charge to you for labor or parts.

What is not covered:Damage to the Projector or Novo that is caused by accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration (including 3rd. party lamps), natural disaster, or unauthorized repair of the Projector or Novo is not covered by this warranty. In addition, this warranty does not cover damage due to: (1) improper or incorrectly performed installation (incorrectly performed installation includes but is not limited to; smoky or air contaminant environments and inlet and exhaust air flow restrictions), setup adjustments, projector mounting, operation, repair or non-performed recommended maintenance; (2) power surges, connection to incorrect voltage, or combination with incompatible components or accessories; or (3) repairs performed by anyone other than a service facility specifically authorized by Vivitek. You are responsible for all freight costs outside of warranty associated with shipping the defective Projectors or Novo to Vivitek's Service Center. Also, incurred consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under the warranty. (4) Unless specifically stated in writing from Vivitek USA, intensive use projector operation greater than 15 hours per day/ 7 days per week (5,460 hours per year). (5) Laser projector light engines are warranted to a total of 20,000 hours of operation and can be operated 24/7 without Vivitek authorization, subject to operation within installation and environmental specifications, and that any maintenance requirements are performed.

Brightness degradation is normal over time in laser, lamp and LED engine projectorsand is excluded from product and lamp warranties.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

If the factory serial number does not appear on your Projector or Novo product, this warranty will not apply.

How to get service:In order to be eligible for service under this warranty, you MUST be the original end user of a Vivitek Projector with the original factory serial number.

If, after following all instructions in the Projector's manual or discussed the problem with your Vivitek Reseller, please contact Vivitek Support at 1-855-VVK-BEST (1-855-885-2378 x3) or by email at to verify that the problem is hardware related and subject to an Advanced Exchange or repair. In addition, you may open a Support Ticket online at

Vivitek warrants repaired product for a period of ninety (90) days after Vivitek completes the repair of the defective product. Should the same fault occur in the same part of the repaired product due to a same root cause within the said one hundred and twenty (90) day period, End User should request to return the faulty product in accordance with the stated Return Merchandise Authorization.

Product Line Warranty Period
DU7090Z / DU8090Z 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D8900 / D8800 / D8300 / DU9000 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
DU6871 / DH6861 / DW6851 / DX6831 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
DX6535 / DW6035 / DH6671 / DU6675 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D5190HD / D5280U / D5380U 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D968U / D963HD / DU978 / DH976 / DX977 / D964HD 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
DX3351 / DW3321 / DH3331 / DU3341 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D96A-BK 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
DX813 / DW814 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D755WT / D755WTIR 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D758UST / D758USTIR 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
D756USTi / DH759USTi 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange
DX881ST / DW882ST / DX883ST / DW884ST / DW886 5 years Parts and Labor, 3 years Advanced Exchange

D5010 / D5110 3 years Parts and Labor
D910 / D912 / DH913 3 years Parts and Labor
D967-BK / D945VX / D966HD 3 years Parts and Labor
D554 / D555WT / D557WT / DH588 / DH559 3 years Parts and Labor
DW3320 / DX3350 3 years Parts and Labor
D803W / DX831 / DW832 / DH833 / DW868 3 years Parts and Labor
DX255 / DS234 2 years Parts and Labor

CEDIA Projectors 3 years Parts and Labor

Qumi Q3 / Q4 / Q6 / Q7 / Q7+ / Q8 2 years Parts and Labor

NovoConnect / NovoPRO / NovoDS Bundled (purchased with a Vivitek Projector) Same Warranties as Vivitek projector
NovoConnect / NovoPRO Un-Bundled/ NovoDS (purchased for another manufacturer's display or projector) 3 years Parts and Labor

Educational SKU's have a 5 years Parts and Labor, 5 years Advanced Exchange, when sold into educational institutes.

For Service Repair and Advanced Exchange (product dependent)
You will be asked to submit a sales receipt, invoice, provide serial number or other proof of purchase from Vivitek or an authorized dealer specifying the original date of purchase, in order to verify the warranty period on the projector. After the problem is verified by Vivitek Support you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Vivitek Support. For out of Warranty Service, you must deliver the defective Projector to the Service Center with freight/transportation costs prepaid by you. Vivitek will pay for freight (ground shipping) costs associated with shipping the repaired or replaced projector back to you.

For products with Advanced Exchange Warranties, Vivitek will send a replacement unit within 48 hours subject to credit approval or credit card security and issue a call tag to collect the failed unit. All returns must have an RMA number printed on the outside of the box. The projector must be returned in its original packaging or in packaging provided with the Advanced Exchange unit. Vivitek will not be responsible for damage to any returned projector that occurs during shipping from you to the Service Center.


Limited Warranty

Vivitek warrants its accessories of the product (“Accessory”) such as remote controls, carrying cases, cables (Lens when purchased separately) and mounts, against defects in material and workmanship for a minimum of 2 years. Lens warranty is concurrent with projector warranty when purchased with the projector. If Accessory becomes defective during the Warranty Period, Vivitek will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective Accessory with a new, reconditioned, or re-manufactured accessory.

This warranty does not extend to Accessory which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, fire, flood, lightning strikes, physical damage, incorrect wiring, improper installation,unauthorized service, use in violation of instructions stated byVivitek, or modification made to it by parties other than Vivitek’s own service centers or Vivitek’s Authorized Service Providers.

This warranty shall be deemed void if the serial number (not applicable to certain accessories) or other identification of the Accessory has been defaced, damaged or removed.

Lamp Warranty Statement

The original installed lamp shall have a one year Limited Warranty Period from date of projector proof of purchase from authorized Vivitek reseller or hours as specified below based on full power (standard) lamp hours, whichever comes first.

Replacement Lamps will have a one year limited warranty from date of lamp proof of purchase or equipment purchase from an authorized Vivitek reseller, or hours as specified below based on full power (standard) lamp hours, whichever comes first.
Please see table below for lamp hour warranty:
Full Power (Standard) Lamp Hour Specification Lamp Warranty Hours
5,000 hours 3,300 hours (3500 hours DW755 Series of projectors)
4,000 hours 2,640 hours
3,500 hours 2,310 hours
3,000 hours 1,980 hours
2,500 hours 1,650 hours
2,000 hours 1,320 hours
1,500 hours 1,000 hours
Default reference for lamp hours are included in product specifications at

Warranty claim process:

If a lamp failure under warranty is suspected you will be required to contact Vivitek Corporation's Support Center at 1-855-VVK-BEST (1-855-885-2378) or by email at You will be asked to submit a sales receipt, invoice, or other proof of purchase from Vivitek or an authorized reseller specifying the original date of purchase and/or projector serial number, in order to verify the warranty period on the projector and original lamp. After receiving a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and call tag from the Support Center, you must ship the defective lamp to the Service Center. All returns must have an RMA number printed on the outside of the box. The lamp must be in packaging providing a good degree of protection. Vivitek will not be responsible for damage in shipping so please state if lamp is physically damaged prior to shipment.

Lamp warranty is only for Vivitek Corporation supplied lamps. It does not cover 3rd. party lamps, even those claiming to be “original manufacturer’s lamps” (if not actually manufactured for and on behalf of Vivitek Corporation)’

The Vivitek Corporation Lamp Limited Warranty excludes expected lamp color temperature degradation and Vivitek will not be liable for normal decrease in lamp brightness over time. Additionally, failure to perform required maintenance as well as not operating the projector within the specified environmental or installation parameters as outlined in the user guide, will void this Warranty. Lamps used in projectors are typically AC lamps. It is strongly advised to operate the projector on a power conditioner or surge protector to minimize premature lamp failure.

Vivitek Corporation strongly recommends that only lamps manufactured on behalf of and by Vivitek be used. Non-original lamps and lamps not approved by Vivitek Corporation will void projector warranties; these lamps, may introduce severe risk of use, including fire, electric shock, malfunction or explosion without prior warning or notice. In addition, they may render the projector as non-conforming to product certifications which in turn may void insurances. Please contact your Reseller or Vivitek with questions pertaining to lamp warranties and the usage and/or safe handling of lamps.

How state law applies: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Product Registration
You are encouraged to register your Projector online at Product Registration Form By registering your new projector, you will enable Vivitek to notify you of new products and creates a record that can be used if your product is lost or stolen. It also allows us to contact you in the unlikely event that a safety notification is required.

Vivitek product registration is voluntary; failure to register will not diminish your limited warranty rights.