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Designed to excel in home environments, Vivitek consumer projectors naturally integrate into residences of all dimensions and layouts. Equipped with short-throw projection technology to deliver images of impressive size and vivacity, in even the most confined quarters, Vivitek projectors facilitate theater-quality viewing experiences from the comfort of your own home. With self-contained, portable solutions to take the magic of projection anywhere, Vivitek’s consumer-centric projectors provide years of unrivaled entertainment and value.
Portable Solutions
The ideal way to enjoy beautiful projections on the go, Vivitek’s new pocket projector Qumi Q6 outputs dazzlingly colorful images and even supports PC-less playback via wireless or USB connection. 

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Short-Throw Projection
Specifically designed to incorporate projection into your home, short-throw technology enables users to easily create large images in compact spaces without obstructing shadows or reflection. Now available in 1080p.

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3D Projection
Compatible with PCs, game consoles, Blu-ray players and more, Vivitek's 3D-capable projectors can even convert 2D content into 3D, solely using internal processors.

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As intuitive to operate as they are powerful, Vivitek projectors feature streamlined, easy-to-navigate interfaces that make accessing any menu option as simple as a few button presses. Requiring no lengthy or complicated setup to get functional, Vivitek products open up projection to users of all technical skill levels.
Engineered and lab-tested to achieve comprehensive durability and extend lamp lives, Vivitek display and collaboration products rarely require maintenance. Across the board, studies conclude that this manufactured resiliency results in lower operating costs than competing projector brands and flat-panel display solutions.
Performance and value
Our projectors feature performance and value are backed by industry-leading warranties. 

Short-Throw Projection

A remarkably flexible technology, Vivitek’s short-throw projection allows for even
the most confined spaces to enjoy the diverse benefits digital projection has to offer.
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