The goal for any AV director is to make things simple. But that’s a monumental challenge when you’re hosting as many as 20 lectures per month, each by a different person, and each with a unique request for presenting visual material.

For Pedro Munive, that challenge is amplified by his setting – he’s in charge of video communication for the Universum Science Museum at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which is Mexico’s primary museum dedicated to promoting science and technology to the public. And keeping things simple and running smoothly is paramount to not only his performance, but for the school’s highly respectable reputation, as well.

“We have been using NovoPro for more than six months, and we couldn't be more pleased," Munive said. "We have enjoyed discovering all the unique functions. We are impressed with its ability to display up to four devices, simultaneously, on the screen for a split-screen display."

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